Fault Screen of Kadjar

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    • Fault Screen of Kadjar

      Hello all ,

      Sorry for language. I have a problem with my Kadjar’s main screen. A few weeks ago, I tried to change somethings via developer menu. And ı wrongly depressed the DisplayMode High/Low buttons and then my screen suddenly got black. Today I went to Renault service to reload the software and now the screen is working , but in wrong orientation :) and I have no idea how to fix it. Do you have any idea ? You may see the photos I attached.

    • @semih89

      Hello Semih,

      I am glad to have you here :thumbup:

      This problem is not new for us ;)
      Yes, we can ...help you ^^
      You should be able to reach the "Developer Side" trough the same procedure and system-menu as before... You have to touch the screen "in the free space" 1x left above and 10x right below... Maybe @gstevie1979 or @D-Train1896 already has solved this problem (I think so :saint: ), perhaps they can tell you more...

      I think either like this...

      or perhaps like this...

      Another solution would be to download the ddt4all software and go to the "RadNav" settings and I believe there is an option to change the display from "Portrait" to "Landscape"... here is the link for this software program... "ddt4all-installer.exe"

      Good luck :thumbsup::thumbup:
      Kind regards,
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    • Welcome to us here in the forum semhi89 :)

      Regards Andy

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